Though we're far apart..

As the month of April draws to a close, it appears the buzz surrounding the fundamental questions of human life and the existence of extraterrestials is far from over. Astronomers and scientists in the U.S have confirmed that the asteroid “24 Themis” not only has a thin layer of frozen water on its surface, but is crawling with organic chemicals. Interesting? Maybe not, but as the Telegraph (UK) explains, this discovery “supports the theory that asteroids brought both water and compounds to the early Earth – helping lay the foundation for life on the planet”.

Now, if this hypothesis is accurate, from a logical perspective how anyone can have the audacity to think that Earth is the only inhabited planet in our universe is beyond me. I am no scientist, but take all planetary/galactical remenants (like asteroids) currently going around the merry-go-round in the asteroid belt, scattered disk, the kuiper belt, and if proven beyond hypothesis, the Oort cloud and other Trans Neptunian Objects (TNO’s), numbering billions upon billions, within a universe that has billions of Sun’s, many possessing the capability of harboring their own  celestial systems much like our Solar (sun) system, and the chances of an asteroid like object (harboring frozen water and organic chemicals) colliding into a heavenly body (planet, not Megan Fox) within the right proximity from its major power source conducive for the proliferation of life are alot higher then me ever becoming a porn star.

When the man described as possessing the voice of an angel (an honour that belongs to this man and only him) sang “You are not alone”, it appears he was merely acting as a spokesman for his alien ancestry.

"We come in peace"

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